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Iter Community

Facilitates digital project creation, collaboration, and event coverage for research communities
of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.


The Renaissance Knowledge Network

A major initiative to create an integrated online research environment tailored to the needs of scholars studying the Renaissance.

Humanism for Sale

Making and Marketing Schoolbooks in Italy, 1450-1650

Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies / La Société canadienne d'études de la Renaissance

A Social Edition of the Devonshire Manuscript

The Institute for Research in Classical Philosophy and Science

A non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to the advancement of scholarly research in the history of pre-modern science.

Co-created projects are designed by scholars and members of the public working together and for which at least some of the public participants are actively involved in most or all steps of the scholarly process.


Today digital scholarship proliferates, but output and interaction often occurs in isolation. Identifying and building a team, launching a digital humanities project, and sustaining a community of practice can be a challenge. Iter Community connects emerging academics, established scholars, alt-ac practitioners, and the public over shared research interests and diverse skill sets. We help scholars build and maintain research communities and provide infrastructure for co-created research.

Organize a team.
Build a digital humanities project.

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Iter Community is being developed by The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab (University of Victoria) in partnership with Iter (University of Toronto). We’re building this environment on top of open source infrastructure for digital humanities applications, with the core platform a specialized custom version of Commons-in-a-Box. Iter Community is hosted by the University of Toronto Scarborough.


Members of the Iter Community team.


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Additional information and help is available in IC Commons.

How do I join Iter Community?
It's easy! You can register for free at
Does Iter Community provide peer review?
An IC project application is reviewed by members of the community. Once approved, server resources are dedicated to the project and an entry is created in the public IC project directory. IC Commons facilitates ongoing peer review and support during the project development phase. Once published, a project may be reviewed by Iter Academic Press and receive its imprimatur.
Can I migrate my existing project into Iter Community?
Yes. If you are interested in providing your existing project a home within Iter Community at this time, please contact Margaret English-Haskin.
How can I contribute to the development of IC?
There are many ways! You can contribute by becoming a member of IC, by providing feedback to us during the current beta phase, by starting up an IC project or research microcommunity, or by becoming involved in the co-creation of the platform itself at the code level.
Is Iter Community developing any scholary tools or plugins specific to the environment?
Yes. Currently in alpha development is "ICPress": a WordPress plugin that brings access to bibliographica data and its management to the Commons-in-a-Box platform. We are implementing this plugin to provide social access to the Iter Bibliography from within the Iter Commons environment.
Where can I find the Iter Community source code?
Iter Community source code will be available on GitHub on July 17, 2015.


Iter Community is a space to connect and develop research. We wish to work with you to build a robust social knowledge creation environment. Please send us any feedback you may have, including questions, concerns, comments, and suggestions.

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    Toronto, ON, M5S 1A5, Canada
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